Our history

We make things we are proud of.
We truly believe in our values.

  • 2014
    First steps
    Before even there was a company we started with 2 people that shared the same idea of building a company. They've dreamt of a company that will be committed to innovations, high quality. The start was really a lot like a regular 'garage style startup company'. We got our first project from a freelance platform. Since than..well, lots of things happened.
  • 2017
    More tech in our lifes
    Originally we started with .NET technology stack as the main course for back-end development. At 2017 JAVA 'enters' our office, since then we have a JAVA department. Also, our Front-end became strong enough to form a separate competence center within a company.
  • 2018
    Engineering add-on
    Summer 2018 was not only when we became SAFe aware and obsessed, but when the team of Hardware Engineers from Labs409 officially joined us. We extended our services, the team and happy to have more technology geeked people among us.
  • 2019
    2019 as is
    By 2019 we've changed 4th offices, because of natural growth. Contact us, let's see how we are doing now. We are looking forward to our collaboration!