About us

Our company

Applying best industry practices to complex business solutions.

5+Years’ Experience in IT

We’ve been growing rapidly all these past 5 years. Constant development is in our blood.

How can we help your business?
We have comprehensive expertise in software development because we are not just the developers, but also agile consultants, business analysts, architects, and designers. Out team fulfills all the roles necessary for the completion of a full work cycle from setting a business idea to releasing the finished product to the market.
What are the advantages of KönigLabs?
We help to provide a consensus between the development department and other departments of the company and stick to transparent value creation. Our team can locate where it is convenient for you to work with it - in your country, within its legal field, on your communication channel and on the same mentality as yours.
How working process is simplified?
We develop and maintain projects from idea to release using Scaled Agile Framework processes. Our certified specialists will guide you through each stage with alignment and full transparency.

Less expenses

You save your time because you don’t need to search for new employees. Dedicated Development Team is a team of developers with efficient internal processes, high motivation, and effective management.


You get high-quality software in compliance with the deadlines and your business requirements. Final products are easily scalable and meet the information security requirements.

Flexibility and scalability

We adhere to Agile software development, practices, which enables us to make changes into scope quickly to meet your business and market needs.


Our comprehensive expert examination, deep integration into the ins and outs of your business allow us to accelerate the development and execution of your ideas, without compromising the quality.