Frequently asked questions

How can we help your business?
We have comprehensive expertise in software development because we are not just the developers, but also agile consultants, business analysts, architects, and designers. Out team fulfills all the roles necessary for the completion of a full work cycle from setting a business idea to releasing the finished product to the market.
What are the advantages of Konig Labs?
We help to provide a consensus between the development department and other departments of the company and stick to transparent value creation. Our team can locate where it is convenient for you to work with it - in your country, within its legal field, on your communication channel and on the same mentality as yours.
How working process is simplified?
We develop and maintain projects from idea to release using Scaled Agile Framework processes. Our certified specialists will guide you through each stage with alignment and full transparency.
What if I don’t have the documentation necessary to start the work?
We interview all stakeholders on your side to understand the requirements. We conduct a comprehensive audit of the main business processes and/or the code base if needed. If necessary, we carry out a complete collection and description of technical requirements and design the necessary documentation.
How do we control a distant team of developers?
We offer a metric which allows you to receive results from the first days of the project. We work in your time zone, and our managers are ready to meet you personally to discuss work-related topics.
Isn’t it easier to hire my own team?
Hiring from scratch or for extension purposes is more expensive and requires a lot of your resources. Also, you will have to manage, learn how to or find who can manage your team.
How do you control your prices?
We can offer competitive prices thanks to a certain way the technical side of our job is organized. That is, most of it is done remotely.
Do you work with start-ups?
Yes, we are. We can carry out a commercial and technical expert examination. In a short term, we will create and bring your MVP to market and validate your business idea for viability.
How is Dedicated team different from Body shopping?
In Body shopping, you are responsible for the finished product. The team you employ is only responsible for the implementation of its technical tasks. Dedicated team is a full-fledged team capable of working out your business requirements, correct them if needed and perform development focused on your business goals. Dedicated team can be fully responsible for the end result.
Is it possible to make changes to the scope when the development has already been started?
You can make changes and additions to the product at any stage. We work by Agile software development practices, where every iteration of the product is planned jointly with you.