Vending Machine

IoT Vending Machine with Non-Conventional Payment Method


We were hired to develop a Proof of Concept for a vending machine that not only is managed remotely but accepts non-conventional cashless payment for age-restricted products. The latter is required to ensure our client stays in compliance with the trading standards for age-restricted goods in Russia.

Our solution

The goal of the PoC project was to validate the concept and aid in securing investments for mass production. For this purpose, a second hand vending machine was used which was refitted with purpose-built hardware and software.
The vending machine is managed with the help of a single-board computer which runs a purpose-built software and connects to the server via GSM-module. The software is fully integrated with web-API admin panel. Also, there is a special circuit with dedicated software which operates the motor of a tray holding the goods.
The customer interaction with the vending machine is managed with the help of a web application which displays user prompts that take customers through the sequence of actions needed to complete a purchase. Through a special interface, the stock of goods in the device is managed. The QR-code scanner, that aids the process of loading of goods into the machine, is also integrated.
The device provides the option of using cash and cashless payment methods. It also supports payments with a designated user card which can be purchased separately, provided consumer proves his age with a valid ID. This payment option was developed in order to facilitate our client’s compliance with trading standards concerning age-restricted products.


The Proof of Concept was delivered in May 2019.


Hardware, Firmware, Software
Node.js (Loopback,, express, pm2), Vue.js,
Embedded C, ARM Cortex M4F, Motor Control, MDB protocol
Embedded Linux


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