Konig Labs initiated to correct the requirements for MVP, which has reduced our budget for 40%.

Residential and commercial alarm systems play a crucial role in keeping lives and property safe. However, alarm systems are often expensive and technically complex, which makes the buying process quite an elaborate one. Secundo, first of its kind online platform launched in Germany, was created to make the price comparison, buying and installing burglar and fire alarm systems as simple and convenient as possible.


Our client, a Berlin-based startup, had the vision to bring together the suppliers, end users, and professional installation service providers. We were tasked with the development of a comprehensive web-based solution from the ground up that would add value to the customer experience.

Our solution

We developed a web application with price comparison functionality that allowed users to access the database of suppliers, customize, and purchase an alarm system, as well as order installation services from providers in the selected area.After the MVP was released and feedback from the market collected, we redesigned the user interface and increased the conversion rate up to 13%.Thanks to the successful MVP our client was able to secure a government grant to further develop the product.


The product functionality was implemented in full compliance with the client requirements. Initially, the solution was available only in Berlin. It is now has been rolled out across Germany.


Front-end: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular 5.
Back-end: ASP .NET Core 2.0, EF Core, PostgreSQL.
Deployment on computer with installed ubuntu (+ http server nginx).


Hendrik Ette

Hendrik Ette, Co-Founder Securando GmbH

"The guys from Konig Labs proposed changes to our MVP, which has reduced our budget by 40%. It allowed us to enter the market quickly and to release the second version of the product in a short time frame. We carried out improved UX as a result of the findings."

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