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Lepton Media

Lepton Media


The time for the implementation and loading of advertising banners has been significantly reduced.

Lepton Media is a digital advertising company based in Berlin that works with web, mobile, and app publishers giving them the opportunity to increase revenue through online advertising channels.


Our solution

Our client’s requirement was to streamline one of the company's operational processes in order to improve its efficiency. The process of online ad creation and placement was extremely slow and took up to 8 hours.
We developed an automated advertising platform to enable Lepton Media to serve their customers in a more efficient way. The overall ad creation and publishing process was simplified thanks to the reduced number of parameters and manual input required. Consequently, the time needed to place a banner ad online was reduced from 8 hours to 2 minutes.


The product was successfully completed and is used by the client.


Back-end: Python.
Front-end: Vue.js.
Framework: Flask.

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