IT Audit & Consulting

IT Audit & Consulting


Our client was using a complex IT solution to manage a variety of business processes within the company. The internal IT department was responsible for the development of the modules of this solution. The team was consistently failing to meet the deadlines. This was possibly an indication that the IT department was not managed efficiently or internal processes were not established, or both. Konig Labs was brought in to perform IT consulting to identify the shortcomings of the processes and practices implemented in the company in relation to their IT function.


Our specialists carried out software audit, reviewed documentation and internal processes of the company, identified and analyzed the risks. As a result the following issues were revealed:
• Software development process was not structured and, as a result, inefficient.
• There was no key technical team management position in the structure of the IT department. The development team, although consisting of just 2 developers, still required direction and coordination. The team was not managed properly since there was no technical management function within the department.
• Communication between the company management and the IT department was not established whci was resulting in unclear requirements and expectations.
• The system of setting and prioritizing tasks was not built correctly.

We developed and implemented recommendations to eliminate the issues identified:
• We conducted a number of consultations on the implementation of Scrum, a flexible software development methodology.
• We also recommended introducing the Team Lead posittion for the correct formulation of technical tasks, planning and performance monitoring. Helped the client with the search for a qualified specialist to fill this position.
•Assited to adopt modern project and communication management tools.

We are currently coordinating the application of the methodology for the successful implementation of internal projects.


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