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Information Portal as an Unconventional Solution for Headhunters and Business solution makers

Our client is a recruitment company specializing in the recruitment of Senior Executives for industrial companies in Russia. We helped conceptualize the product and developed an MVP that allows for an alternative recruitment method.


The main requirement was to come up with a solution that would allow expanding and monetizing the database of candidates. An additional requirement was to automate a part of the candidate search process, namely, we were asked to create a browser plug-in to download CV’s from the Internet, save into the database and format them in order to share with hiring companies.

Our solution

The success of finding the optimal solution lies in the understanding of the ultimate results that our client is seeking to attain. We always start out with an Exploration element of the SAFe Continuous Delivery Pipeline to explore the market and end-user needs, to identify business goals, analyze internal company processes and how they are intertwined. After business analytics was collected, in-depth research was carried out, and conclusions were presented and discussed with the client, a decision was made to focus on the development of a solution for monetization of the database of candidates. First, we needed to clarify the product concept as it was very vague. After a few iterations, it was clear that we can help our client to develop a niche product and gain access to the opinion leaders and most sought after Executives in the industrial sector. We zoomed in into the roles that the system would serve, described what value each role will bring and formulated corresponding hypotheses. One of the roles we suggested was MBA schools - having them onboard would allow for updating the database with MBA graduates with relevant and up-to-date business administration skills. After this, we conducted interviews with the representatives of the identified groups of users to identify their requirements with regard to the potential system and clarified the hypotheses. This helped to shape the concept of the product and led to the development of the MVP.
The MVP was designed to address the main problem of headhunting such as that Senior Level Executives do not distribute their CV via the usual channels. Thus we offered a concept of an information portal where registered users will be able to create a profile, monitor industry news, current projects and vacancies, with the vision of offering a place to build online groups and communities among the professionals. The information portal allows industrial companies to gain access to the C-suite executives with MBA degree. The MBA schools get direct access to hiring companies and opportunity to contract with them thus raising their prestige among potential students, and senior executives gain access to the information about major industrial companies and their projects.


The MVP was released in April 2019. Currently, feedback from the users is being collected to test the hypotheses.


NET Core 2.2, ASP.NET Core MVC, Web API, CQRS, Identity Server, OAuth, oidc, MS SQL, React, Redux.

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