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There are multiple benefits of HR-analytics and applying it in decision-making on the operational, tactical and strategic level of an organization. Businesses deal with Big Data on a daily basis now. And the ones that access and align their information with decision-making, and act accordingly see better outcomes. Making sense of large sets of information may not be straight forward even if the data is structured and “clean”. Data visualization enables better decisions since such a format makes it easier to process and analyze data, turn it into actionable insights and single out weak spots.

Our client is a large manufacturer of mineral water and soft drinks with offices in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, and Latvia. Product portfolio accounts for a dozen of well-known brands.


We were brought in to help the client to make use of the big amount of workforce data, and create a simple yet effective visual tool for executive decisions. The client requested a Power BI dashboard.

Our solution

When we started the project, the employee data was stored in a number of sources, including Excel. It covered 12 sets of actual and planned HR-indicators, as well as financial information.
First, it was necessary to connect to data sources, process and consolidate it. During the project, we conducted several consultations in order to help the client transfer the data to MS SQL.
We created an interactive auto updated dashboard using Power BI visualizations. The dashboard offers a concise and clear display of key indicators. Laying out important metrics in a visualized format contributes to in-depth analysis and elaboration of important information, accelerates the speed of decision making and minimizes risks.
We also implemented dynamic row-level security (DRLS) to ensure access to information is granted in accordance with the organizational hierarchical structure of the company. DRLS Means that particular sets of data will only be available to an employee whose user account is associated with the login details.
The non-functional requirement was to design the dashboard in accordance with the company's corporate branding colors. Also, we conducted a series of on-demand walk-through sessions to help our client to get accustomed and learn how to use the dashboard.


All the tasks completed and the project delivered on time.


Power BI, MS SQL, DAX,
Structuring data aggregation process,
Data processing,
Configuring relationships between database entries,
Configure Dynamic Row Level Securit

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