A unique solution that required deep analysis and proof of concept at the beginning.

1/2StundeÜben is a mobile app designed to teach anyone how to play the piano with minimal tutor participation. Our client, a young entrepreneur from Germany, is passionate about playing the piano. The idea for the app was born out of his desire to enable others to easily learn how to play the instrument and have the flexibility to do so anytime, anywhere.


The product was conceptualized to provide a teaching aid in the form of musical passages performed and recorded by the teacher, which the student can play back and practice. Thus, the app’s main functionality was to record audio files, analyze and identify discrepancies.

The challenge was to come up with a solution that would accurately analyze and compare the recordings made by the teacher and the student.

Our solution

Our team developed an iOS application which allows teachers to record musical passages for the student to practice, and put together lesson plans that would progressively become more difficult to appropriately challenge their students. Students can record their performance, see how well they perform, access detailed analysis of mistakes, and track their overall progress.

In order to realize the core functionality of the application we chose an approach that combined two methods, Machine Learning and Dynamic Programming. Disappointedly, ML didn't bring the desired results in terms of accuracy. The subsequent development work was focused solely on Dynamic Programming. We discovered that the solution based on a mathematical algorithm and statistical analysis is much better than ML as it provided consistent and reliable results.


We have developed an MVP which our client is using to secure funding to further develop his start-up. To date, the comparison method implemented in the application does not have alternatives on the market.


С#, Python, Xamarin Native, Q-constant conversion, chromatic smoothing, dynamic time convolution.



Tiberius Treppner CEO, Halbestunde

Konig Labs has developed a unique solution which I am very proud of, and this is only for EUR 10 000! I can't wait to continue to work together with them on my product!

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