Crowd Heroes

Crowd Heroes


2 months of tense work and 9000 euro budget brought the product to market.

Crowd Heroes is a scalable auction platform with gamification elements for selling insurance. The product had been under development for about 2 years when the client contacted Konig Labs. By that time the development cost exceeded Euro 100 000. Our team was able to get the product ready for the market launch within 2 months.


Expand and improve the functionality of the existing solution within a tight deadline.

Our solution

We developed this solution based on Amazon Web Services, thus it becomes easily scalable. Therefore, you can increase your customer base or product performance at any time. The technology stack was chosen by previous developers, so we had to use the existing tools.


All tasks are successfully closed and functionality is tested by users. The product is released and passed the Proof of concept. Preparing for the next stage of investment.


Back-end: Python Django, Node.js, AWS EBS, AWS Lambda.
Front-end: AWS CloudFront, AngularJS, SCSS, Flex.



Nadim Iraki CFO, Nexxt.One Alpha GmbH

"The guys from Konig Labs work very quickly and efficiently. Whenever I turn to an urgent task, it is solved immediately!"

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